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Lost Silver by Shiizuko


Theme song:



:bulletred: His real name's Gold, but he doesn't remember it at all.

:bulletorange: He doesn't remember how he got into the tower

:bulletpurple: Sometimes the Unknown follow him around, but not all the time.

:bulletblue: If he goes back into the tower, everything will start all over again for him.


Traveling downward
Spinning, spinning, spinning
“Leave” They said standing next to each other.

I’m enveloped by darkness
Hurry, bring light
“He died” they said
He was gone

I’m losing my limbs
Crimson tears from my veins to my eyes
I’m disappearing

I’ve turned pale
I see others that are pale
They speak no language; mute

I murdered him after he approached me
I killed his strongest
Everything I earned died
I died in a place that was hidden

No one sees me, I can’t feel.



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G-Go! Leave! Hurry!
Lost Silver by Sergeant-McFluffers



>What's your name?



>Enter your own name.



>Enter Your Name:

>. . . .- - -

>Are you sure?



>Are you a boy or a girl?



>You have eyes don't you?

> Appearance:

Since Gold here is a ghost he is completely white and transparent. The only color on him is the blood tears streaming out of his pitch black empty eye sockets. He has his all his limbs just no eyes. Though in the pitchblack in his eye sockets there is a red tint circle that appears to be eyes, but aren't really.


Gold went to Bell Sprout Tower in hopes on training his new cyndaquil. Upon entering the building, Gold felt that something was wrong with it, but he advanced forward. A little ways later, he black out. When he woke up, he was on the last floor of the Tower. After wondering around, he found out that the Unknown that was now in his party spelled out words that where important to known. Throughout his journey in Bell Sprout Tower, Gold began to lose his limbs, almost automatically. At the end of his journey, Gold had died.

The time lapse of real time and the time in the Tower are different. When Gold was in the tower he was missing for a year. He is now a ghost that haunts the outside of Bell Sprout Tower, in hopes of keeping people away from the Hell pit of a building.


[[Roleplays may be inside the Bell Spout tower or out of it
Even though his name is "..." When I do Lit, I will call him Gold.
Admin ships everything! But I mostly lean towards the Heartgoldshipping [RedXGold] and preciousmetalshipping [SilverXGold]
Major W.I.P]]

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Nicole looked around, finding herself in front of a mysterious tower. Her Umbreon ears twitched as she looked up at the building, the golden rings on her body glowing in the moonlight.
"....I have an eerie feeling about this place," she said quietly to herself, hugging her arms to herself. "It feels...evil...?"
Ask-Lonliness Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
-A little eevee with brown fur walks over to you. In the sight of you she starts squeaking in happiness- Hello ...
I'm so glad to see you around here ^^.
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Happy Birthday Gold.
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"Hey, I know you!" She exclaimed excitedly, leaning forward slightly.

((Hi it's me again :3))
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Me: *wnt to bell sprout tower* hmmmm what's this ya'll??? *look at the building* hmmmm...*cureous*

Light: pika pi *sence something wrong*

Me: what is it girl??

Light: pika pi pika chu chu

Me: you don't want us to go in there girl??

Light: pika pika

Me: ok ok but I somehow Know someone is in there come on let just go cheack ok light

Light: pika pi

Me: let's go in ok & see *picks her up & went inside the belltower*
xlightbluesnowflakex Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi Halloween I guess

Light: pika pi
Lets-Spin-This-Shit Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012
"Hello~ I'm Vinyl..Who are you?"
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"So you're dead too,huh?" the girl asked as she eyed on him curiously.
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Hibiki stares into your eyes in awe.
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